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    My wireless card in laptop is N-7260 single band and something is interfering, maybe?


      My wireless card in laptop is Intel Wireless-N 7260 single band, my office has a PS4, and a Direct TV satellite genie mini cable box, a furnace for home boxed in sheet rock (drywall), and my home breaker box.  Will any of these items interfere with my wifi reception?  My WiFi signal strength says it is great, but my download speed should be 50 Mbps, but I am only getting 15 Mbps and sometimes as low as 3 Mbps download speed. But it doesn't affect the upload speed, that is good.  But if I leave the room with my laptop, I get the 50 speed, everything is normal.  Can anyone tell me what could be going on or interfering?  I have already updated the driver for network card and it didn't help.

      I also brought in different laptop with a different network card and I get the same result in this room.  Please help.