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    connecting my laptop to tv




      I have a new DELL laptop with 1920/1080p resoulotion

      and i want to connect it to the TV via hdmi cable.


      in one tv - philips 46pfl660h the tv shows "video format not supported"

      i tried to chage display settings in the laptop and when i lowered the hz to 29hz it workes in poor qualty

      (both laptop and tv screens worked together. when i wanted the tv screen to work alone it failed and show the

      same "video format not supported" message.


      on the other tv (also philips) the tv was flickered till i lowered the hz and i sucseed to view only via tv.

      I also tried on other tv (older then the philips) and it worked good with 1080/1920 60hz..


      before that, my last laptop workes perfectly with hdmi (1366/768) but the tv got 1920/1080

      cause i chosed to view only by it. (one screen)


      that's my graphic card:

      what can i do to make it work?