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    Intel Compute Stick image does not fit screen at any resolution level


      Bought & connected Intel Compute Stick (STK1AW32SC) running Windows 10 to a Sony Bravia full HD (1080i) TV via the HDMI input. All worked fine, but the screen image is cut off all around the edges (overscan), making it unusable as a computer. No resolution settings found, either in the compute stick software or TV settings, fix the problem. Let me repeat that, NO settings found fix the problem. There is no slider for resolution, just three pre-set resolution levels to select, none of which fix the problem. Let me repeat, there is NO slider for resolution. I've attempted many combinations of resolution levels using the Advanced Setting, which requires manual inputs by either a deep computer expert or a guesser (like me), none of which fix the problem. I've been reading many posts about similar issues, all out of date or with inapplicable information. Is this an MS Windows issue? Or is this an Intel Compute Stick problem? Either way, I need a 2018 solution (and I don't need a bunch of irrelevant questions or useless suggestions that indicate no one has a solution or that the solution hasn't been tested before being suggested). Note: the Compute Stick is marketed as a mobile product you can take and use anywhere just by attaching it to a TV (it even comes with plug adapters for world-wide travel, presumably including hotels). If it requires extensive adjustments and guesswork to any of the settings on each TV to which it's attached to make it usable, then it doesn't live up to its business model.

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