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    Long stuttering issue on GMA HD


      i have a problem on playing warcraft frozen throne in any maps i play, i experience a lot of stuttering while on the other newer games where not. I already tried installing the latest driver and the oldest but it stays the same.

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          Hi @jeyob123


          I have the same problem man.Some basic information about my notebook:


          Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits

          Processor : Intel Core i3 M330

          RAM: 4GB DDR3

          Video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD -GMA HD


          When i try to play DotA on Warcraft Frozen Throne , the game freezes for 3-4 seconds every 10minutes...Always happens that. I think that can be the multicore processor or the GMA HD. I updated my drivers and disable many features on GMA HD but still the same problem. There is a interesting link that i found searching on Google : Dual Core Gaming Fix Guide http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781 . Try Fix #4 - Set the Affinity Manually. For me not solve at all, but got a little better.


          If u find something for our problem, please, stay in touch and send me an email or reply this topic.

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            I'm looking in to this issue, I will like you to try some basic troubleshooting steps:


            First go to the web site of the developer of the game and download the latest updates and patches for the game.


            Then go ahead and run the following utility:




            This utility will give you the latest video driver for your system.


            Most of the system manufacturers will customize their chipset's to meet certain requirements and our drivers will not work properly on them. Having this said you should also try using the driver provided by your system manufacturer.