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    what is the best NUC for me ?


      Hi ,

      i want to buy NUC but i have some question

      can i add two Seagate 12TB BarraCuda Pro 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive ?

      and one 128GB SSD

      also i want to connect my home theater speakers and i want play 4K movies and play some light video games



      so what you guys recommend NUC or HTPC ?

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          I guess you don't understand what NUCs are...


          NUCs are ultra compact form factor (UCFF) desktop PCs.


          NUCs utilize various processors and thus various versions of Intel HD Graphics. Most NUCs support up to three monitors and they can be 4K, but only the very-latest generation can support three 4K@60Hz connections. Downstream HDMI pass-through-based audio capabilities (Receivers or Sound Systems/Bars) are supported, as are Sound Systems/Bars requiring 5.1-channel Optical (Toslink) audio transmission. 3D is not supported.


          NUC internal storage is limited. Most NUCs support a single SATA-/NVMe-based M.2 SSD. Currently, available M.2 SSD sizes go up to 2TB. A few NUCs support two of these M.2 SSDs. A few have a built-in 32/64GB eMMC SSD instead. The "H" model NUCs also provide a bay for a 2.5" SATA SSD/SSHD/HDD. With a limitation of 9.5mm on the height of the drive, this currently limits the drive size to 2TB (though drive manufacturers are promising 9.5mm height 4TB drives "shortly"). Many NUCs also have a SD or MicroSD card reader. That's it for internal storage; all other storage needs to be provided externally (via USB 3.0).


          If you want a system with multiple 12TB 3.5" internal drives, you need to be looking at larger form factor HTPC designs.


          Hope this helps,


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            You might find it hard to fit a 3.5" drive in a case which is only 11x12cm.

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              Thanks for explain