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    D54250WYK ethernet driver


      i have an Intel D54250WYK NUC running windows 10 home 64 bit.

      the intel driver tool keeps prompting me that there is a driver update available.

      i download the driver and it installs, yet i'll keep getting prompted to install the driver update.


      can anyone advise what is going on?
      i get no errors during the driver install to suggest it didn't work, yet when i check the version it remains on the version it was previously.



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          Al Hill

          Ignore the IDSA for now.



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            ignore it? why?

            even though it's prompting for a driver version that is greater than the one i have installed?

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              Al Hill

              This is a known issue with the IDSA.  Ignore it, and wait for the next release of IDSA which may fix it.


              Are you having a problem with the ethernet driver?  If not, ignore it.


              If you are have a problem with the ethernet driver, like if it is not working or your connection has a problem, then say so.  Do not get wrapped around the axle for a driver update if nothing is wrong.


              Otherwise, ignore the IDSA (for now).



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                so there is no v22.9 ?


                you see, saying "ignore the IDSA (for now)" doesn't really help, as how to do you know when to stop ignoring it or when to trust it.

                if the IDSA is giving false positives then surely the service should be disabled until it's not giving false positives?

                is this known issue published anywhere?


                would you ignore the "check engine" light on your car because there was a known issue? or would you "wrap around the axle" to get that light to go out.


                whether there is an issue with networking is irrelevant.

                when a system tool tells you your device needs an update then that is an "issue".

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                  Al Hill

                  Ok, let me try again.  There are problems/errors/issues with IDSA. 


                  Here is a link to the drivers for your NUC:

                  Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK Product Specifications

                  Click on Downloads and Software, and install what you want.


                  If your driver is working, and there is no problem, then leave well enough alone.  Messing around where you should not be can lead to REAL problems.  The IDSA, right now, is not a REAL problem.


                  Have fun.



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                    and that link you provided gives a link to download v22.9 of the ethernet drivers.

                    so the IDSA is correctly saying there is a driver update then.




                    so going back to the original question.
                    why, when installed, does it not appear to actually update the driver?

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                      Because 22.9 is the version of the package, not the version of the driver. The version of the driver provided in the package is the same as the one already installed on your system; that's why nothing changes. iDSA has a bug and is comparing package version number to driver version number - which causes it to think that the package needs to be installed over and over. Until this bug is fixed, you should ignore secondary requests to install this package.



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                        an answer that finally answers the question and gives a proper explanation.