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    AC9260 chromecast compatibility issue


      As the title suggests, i have the AC9260 in my MSi gaming laptop. I swapped out the garbage Killer 1435 card for the 9260 and have wave2 Mikrotik cAP's on the way to play with the speed!

      I have run into an issue since swapping the card however. Before swapping, chrome's "cast" to my chromecast worked fine, both tab cast and desktop cast. Since swapping in the 9260, it will cast for a few seconds then freeze on the screen but still play audio.

      i did update to the lastest drivers last night, However it still persists.

      I did verify it is not the laptop itself, i disconnected the 9260 wifi, plugged in a USB ac adapter, and casting worked perfect on it.

      (yes windows 10 on latest build)


      May just be a driver bug on a newer card?