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    NUC 6i7KYK Windows 10 - Headset microphone not being detected despite up-to-date Realtek drivers


      Hi there,


      What can I do to get my Intel NUC 6i7KYK Skull Canyon, running Windows 10 (Home), to detect my gaming headset's microphone audio input?


      I have used the Intel automatic driver assistant and can confirm that my Realtek High Definition Audio drivers are up-to-date (, Release date: January 18, 2017, Size: 380 MB).


      When I plug in my headset, which is this model, I do not get any Realtek Audio Manager pop-up window.


      I have to manually click the Speaker icon in the taskbar, and this what I see in the Playback Devices & Recording Devices menus:




      I have tested the Headset and it is properly receiving the NUC's stereo audio output.


      The settings look like this:



      However, when I go to the Recording screen, with the Headset's boom mic plugged in correctly, all I see is this:




      Whatever this "Stereo Mix" thing is, the Intel NUC is detecting it as some sort of microphone or audio input device, because when I use Windows 10's default Voice Recorder application, it successfully records whatever music I'm currently listening to on the headset:




      And then when I disable the "Stereo Mix", the system does not detect my Headset Boom Mic:




      The same result happens when I try to plug the headset into the front audio jack of the NUC, with my microphone attached to the headset, through a splitter cable (1 x 3.5mm female to 2 x 3.5mm male, headphone + mic separate lines). The headphone stereo audio out still works when using the individual headphone audio splitter cable. But the microphone is not detected when I plug just the splitter's mic jack into the front audio panel of the NUC.


      So what can I do to make the headset microphone work?


      I have come across similar questions and issues here and here

      but neither of these provide solutions.


      Could it be that my BIOS needs updating? The automatic Intel Driver assistant says that my BIOS needs updating. I will try download the latest version now and install it and see what happens. Update: No, a BIOS update did not fix the issue.


      Update #2: Finally, the headset works, but only through a cheap USB sound card that I have which looks roughly like this:


      I would still like to know: how can I make the headset work just by plugging the combo, 4-strip 3.5mm jack of the headset into the combo front audio panel of my Intel NUC?


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