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    i7 6950X shutdowns...


      I have a problem with my second CPU - i7 6950X (main is i9 7960X) Unfortunately, it turns out that the CPU has damaged A few drops of liquid drop on X99 Rampage Edition 10.


      After all, when I dried the motherboard, it turned out that it have shutdowns. I sent it to rma. Some path was burned, but they fixed the equipment. Unfortunately, when the mobo reached me, it turned out that I still had a shutdowns.


      I also sent the mobo once more to the rma. In the meantime, I bought another E10, which turned out to be DOA ... A black series of events: D


      So I made a change to X299, waiting for the repaired E10 to return. I decided that X99 will be my backup platform.


      Well, in the meantime my friend took 6950X from me and it turned out that he is also shutdowns ... It turns out that the CPU has failed while flooding the motherboard liquid. Unfortunately, the CPU is ES, it also has no warranty.


      Sometimes it works a few hours, everything is ok. At other times it turns off twice in an hour. I wonder what really happened to him and whether there is a real way to repair this CPU.


      Have any of you had similar experiences?