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    Display not recognising projector


      I am running a Sony Vaio Pro 13 laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics processor, driver on Windows 10Pro.  The laptop was originally built in windows 8 but I had it changed to windows 7 and then subsequently upgraded to windows 10Pro.  Everything worked well.  Last year it crashed and needed re-formatting.  It was wiped and windows 10 loaded from scratch, for some reason it would not load windows 10 pro so it was loaded with home and then upgraded to Pro.  Since that time, when I attach and external projector the laptop has stopped automatically altering the resolution to suit the projector and therefore the quality of the output is very poor and since I am presenting scientific data and graphs it means that people cannot clearly read the graphs - disaster!  I have tried everything including loading windows 7 and upgrading, loading the original windows 8 driver and upgrading, disabling the generic pnp monitor driver but at no point does the resolution change and when I look at display options the laptop does not seem to recognise a separate display, it just shows one display with 1/2 in the centre.  I am now looking at being forced to have to replace a laptop, which otherwise works perfectly, just because my students cannot see the presentations through a projector.  There must be an answer to this, but for the life of me I cannot find it!  Any helpful suggestions welcome.

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          Look at the sticker under your laptop for the exact SKU (SVP***) and try manufacturer drivers from Sony eSupport - Windows 10 Upgrade information

          Also which projector? How is it connected - HDMI or the discontinued Intel Widi ?

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            Thanks for the suggestion.  I have looked at the Sony support site but unfortunately I cannot go back through the upgrade to windows 10 procedure as my technician originally loaded windows 7 as a downgrade from 8 (which was a hideous abomination) and then upgraded to 10 - it all worked fine until another problem required a reformat and he did a clean install of windows 10 - from wence the problem came.  We have gone back through the process of loading 7 and upgrading, loading the windows 7 driver and the windows 8 driver but no luck - the intel support app tells me that the correct driver is loaded for the graphics utility but clearly there is a hitch somewhere!  I use all sorts of difference projectors via HDMI and VGA adapter - some are better than others but I think that's just a coincidence that the resolution of the projector matches that of the laptop display!  VERY frustrating as I really like the laptop and don't want to have to ditch it!  There must be a way of manually forcing it to use the resolution of the projector but neither I nor my technician have found it yet!!