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    Issue migrating existing RAID array




      I am migrating (2) Western Digital - Black 1TB Drives in RAID-1 from Asus - P7P55D-E PRO to Asus Z370-A. Obviously do not want to lose the data. They are not OS drives.


      I have the new build together. I set RST in the BIOS. And under PCH Storage Configuration I created a new volume with the two drives.

      Windows 10 is recognizing the drives in Device Manager and in the Intel RST Utility. However, the array is not showing as a drive.


      I did the Initialize and Verify in the Intel RST utility. Reboot. Still not there.


      I went into Windows Disk Management and from there had the option to "Initialize Disk" which I assume will make the drive usable. I selected MBR as it seemed to be the more widely used option and I am not dealing with huge drive sizes. After that I only had the option to create a Simple Volume. Which I did and now when I try to access it, I am told I need to format it in order to use it.


      I'm stuck. What am I missing here?