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    Intel Control Panel is missing General Settings


      Specs Are:

      G4560 CPU *Up to Date*

      Intel HD Graphics 610 *Up to Date*

      4 GB DDR4 Ram *New*

      MSI h110m pro-vd plus Mother Board *Latest BIOS*

      Windows 10 64 bit *Up to date*


      I don't think other parts.. make this problem

      I have seen many people had in global settings but there isn't

      So i bought all parts. fresh. installed windows. updated bios. up to date all drivers and etc. but when i went to control panel searched for 3D settings i couldn't find Global Settings (There are but there is only 1 option Optimal which is only like VSync)idk but should i get more options also ? like Power. ?? maybe you intel have removed ? it ??

      Anyone know this problem ?? i tried reinstalling drivers.. few times.. maybe it has something to do with motherboard ? it says it supports 6th while main is 7th but i did research before i bought that once you update BIOS it supports up to 7th.


      Or i should wait and buy graphics card ? since there are games that supposted to run 720p on low settings on 60 FPS me on 1024x768 Lowest barely get 20 FPS. it sucks.


      If anyone know how to fix this problem please help.