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    s5000vsa and xeon 54xx


      I have an old intel server s5000vsa motherboard, and just want to make sure whether this board can support dual Xeon 54xx.

      From what i've read from the compability lists, it said that it does support 54xx... but I need to ask here just want to make sure, because the board is quite old (about 2 years old, currently housing dual xeon 5320).


      Here's the motherboard spec (from BIOS)

      - Body part number: D52032 - 715

      - Body Serial number: QSSA71800616

      - BMC Firmware Rev: 0.58

      - HSC Firmware Rev: 0.00

      - SDR Firmware Rev: SDR Package 37

      - UUID : E8527601FA4411DB



      Processor: dual Xeon 5320

      Memory: DDR2 2 x 2gb PC5300



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          Hi there,


          Basically, from your board pba number D52032-715, it appears that you have a non-refresh board - S5000VSA4DIMM. The non-refresh is not meant to work with 45nm processors.
          Usually the refresh board has a letter 'R' at the end of the sku code.


          Even upgrading the bios, it wont make it work or may work but you will have an error message in the bios and you will be stuck with an error message in the bios - 19A -Voltage Mismatched.


          A non-refresh board is designed to work only with a 65 nm cpu and no bios update will fix this.


          Yeah of course, there is a way to get rid of the message (but not fix it) - Go in the Bios
          Main >> Post Error Pause >> Disabled but this may invalidate your board and cpu warranty and worst, you may experience a failure at a long run.


          So in short, if you want to use a Xeon 54xx family CPU, try to check from the compatibility list if there is any 65 nm technology.


          Note: You can check the cpu specs on this website:


          Now, here is an additional tips, before changing the CPU, please update the board firmware to the latest version available on the web.



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            Thank you for the answer. Glad I asked here first before making any upgrade plans