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    Where can I get SEL VIEWER for DOS (version 1.54)?



      I need a Sel Viewer utility for motherboard Intel Sapello S5000VSA.

      As written here https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000007037/server-products.html?_ga=2.7349810.1028754077.1518784…  I need version 1.54 for DOS:

      For all S5000 series and S3200SH boards, use the SELVIEWER version 1.54 for DOS or the SELVIEWER version 2.01 for Windows or Linux.

      SEL VIEWER for DOS (version 1.54)

      You can also run the SEL Viewer utility in DOS on the Intel® Server Boards S5000 series:

      1. Download the SEL Viewer for DOS from Download Center.
      2. .....

      But the download link does not contain DOS-version.

      Thank you.

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          Hello Di,


          The only version and link available for this utility is the following:




          Follow these instructions for further details on how to run it.






             1. Boot to MS-DOS or ROM-DOS command prompt.


             2. Copy the files selview.exe, sel.ini, selenus.str, and selenus.hlp to a hard drive

                or USB key (all these files should be in the same directory).


             3. GUI interface



                The SEL Viewer is invoked by entering the following command at a DOS prompt:





                Use the arrow keys to browse through the menu and press the <Enter>

                key to select a particular menu.  A brief description of the selected

                menu item is displayed in the tip-view window at the bottom of the GUI.



             4. Command-line interface



                The SEL Viewer can be run as a command-line application for some of the actions that

                it performs, including clearing the SEL or saving SEL contents to a file.



                         selview [SEL File Name] [Options]



                a. To view the command-line help:



                          selview /h  



                b. To save the SEL entries to a file in text format:



                          selview log.sel /save



                c. To save the SEL entries to a file in hex format:



                          selview log.sel /save /hex



                d. To clear the SEL entries:


          Please keep in mind that the product(s) you have are on its EOIS - End of interactive support EOIS) means Intel Customer Support Agents no longer respond to telephone, chat, community support forums, or email inquiries for this product. Self-help support is available for the discontinued product through the Intel Customer Support site.

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            Here is the SEL VIEWER 1.54 for DOS.

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