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    N440BX - max (ATA) disk size?


      Hello again.



      One more question about N440BX Server motherboard:



      I have a 200 GB Caviar disk using ATA interface, I was wondering - can this motherboard see and use whole 200 GB or will it be limited to 128 GB (or less?)


      Can't seem to find this particular information anywhere, and I need to know is it safe to plug this drive in - or should I expect data loss?



      Thanks in advance





      Again sorry for my English - it is not my native language.

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          The list of supported drives at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/N440BX/sb/cs-014890.htm all refer to 2GB and smaller drives.  I seriously doubt that chipset could read a 200GB drive

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            Thanks for the answer, I found out that the motherboard's BIOS recognize my 200 GB drive as 8 GB, however I'm still able to use whole 200 GB with systems that support LBA-48 (so that would be: Windows XP SP1 and above and all newer Linux distributions). The only limitation I found so far is that the boot partition for GRUB must be within first 8 GB that BIOS see otherwise GRUB will throw ERROR 18 on boot, so I either have to recreate partitions on my drive and limit first to 8 GB or use another drive as a boot only partition.


            Anyway - the conclusion is: if we have a system that supports LBA-48/BigLBA and we partition drive correctly or use other as a boot-only device - we CAN use our big hard drives with this old motherboard (and probably others as well)

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              Thank you for this info.  I still run an old nightshade w/ 2x700MHz coppermines as my home "everything" server and was thinking about picking up some large drives for samba shares/backup.  Happy to know money won't be wasted if I get them...