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    Intel Optane Memory: Unsupported System Drive M.2 NVMe



      System Info:


      Asus Z370-E

      Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe (Boot Drive/Windows 10 64bit)

      My M.2 SSD is mounted onto a Asus Hyper M.2 X4 Mini Card (as shown below) and is installed in one of my PCIe slots:




      1. Intel please confirm with me whether or not Intel Optane Memory supports M.2 SSD?


      2. If yes, can I utilize this module with the Intel RST Software?


      3. If not, then will this be supported in the near future?


      Also, why is that Intel Optane Memory Software cannot be installed together with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi CafeStrix,

          According to this document: User and Installation Guide for Intel® Optane™ Memory , the error message “Unsupported System Drive” may appear because one of these reasons:

          1. The system drive partition table is MBR, which is not supported. To resolve this issue, the type of the system drive partition table needs to be changed to GPT. However, this implies to reinstall the operating system.
          2. The last partition cannot be resized whether because it’s blocking for resizing or it doesn’t have enough space.


          However, a more important detail besides the 2 reasons above is that the Intel® Optane™ memory is designed to accelerate SATA drives, therefore NVMe drives are not supported. This could be the reason why you get that message.


          Please check below the answers for your questions:


          1. Intel® Optane™ memory can accelerate SATA drives only that are set as the primary boot drive.
          2. Yes, the Intel® RST application can also be used to setup the Intel® Optane™ memory.
          3. There are no plans to support other drives different than SATA drives.
          4. The Intel® RST application and the Intel® Optane™ software can both be used to setup the Intel® Optane™ memory, however they cannot be installed together as they will get in conflict. The reason is because both are essentially the same driver, but the Intel® Optane™ software was designed specifically for the module to make the process simpler and easier to follow.


          I hope this information clarifies your doubts. If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.


          Have a nice day.


          Diego V.