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    Hey Intel, can you please validate my Canadian student e-mail?


      So I'm trying to download the student version of "Intel® Parallel Studio XE" which is given out after you validate your student e-mail.


      My student e-mail is for a Canadian institution, University of Winnipeg (www.uwinnipeg.ca) and it doesn't seem to want to accept that domain.


      Could someone from intel please register my University so that I can validate my student status, I need the Intel C Compiler within that package for a project.


      The e-mail linked to this account is my student e-mail btw.


      Also I was forced to post this in the community section because there was some bug when I tried to contact support directly:

      When it goes to "create a support account" I'm already logged in to the site, verifiable in the top right, however the fields for "first name" "last name" "email" and "create username" won't allow me to enter any text. The other 5 fields work normally. The result is "next step" stays grayed out and I cannot complete my support account and was forced to post my issue here, so I'm sorry if I haven't sent the request to the right place.


      Sorry I'm just going to use some mentions to make sure the thread doesn't get missed:


      Sorry about that, and thank you for your help.