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    D415/ UP board Compatibility


      I am using the UP board 4GB ram/ 32GB storage, part #  RE-UP-CHT01-A12-0432.


      Previously I used it with the Realsense R200, as part of the realsense developer kit, found here: https://click.intel.com/intelr-realsensetm-robotic-development-kit-2461.html


      I have acquired some of the new Realsense cameras, the D415, and am trying to integrate it with the UP board and my computer vision software. I can't use the cable supplied with the D415, because it is USB type C to type A, and the type A ports on the UP board are USB 2.0, not 3.0 as the D415 requires.


      I have also tried this cable:



      I can get the UP board to recognize the D415 using this cable, but it is listed as a USB 2.0 device, even though it is plugged into the USB 3.0 Micro B port.


      One hypothesis is the "host" vs "peripheral" cable end designation:


      This cable that I got from Amazon claims that the Type C connector is the "host", and the Micro B is the "peripheral".

      In the case of the UP board/D415 combination, is the UP board (Micro B port) technically the "host"?

      Some research on the Internet suggests that most Micro B connectors are designed to be the "peripheral".


      If anyone could please assist me on what could be the issue I would really appreciate it.


      Thank you!



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          I don't think it's necessarily something to be concerned about that it shows up as USB 2.  My own D415 does that in the RealSense Viewer tool that comes with SDK 2.0, and the camera works fine.



          I would advise continuing to set up the D415 on your Up Board until you can run an application that can test the camera and then see what happens.

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            Hey MartyG,


            Thanks for the quick answer.

            It is an issue for us, because we need the RGB camera functionality of the D415, which is only available via a USB 3 port.

            In the screenshot you attached, you only have the stereo module option b/c of the USB 2 connection. If it was a USB 3 connection, you would have and RGB option below the stereo module as well.

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              You are right, I don't have the RGB option.  I have depth and infrared though, which are usually not available on RealSense cameras with a USB 2.0 connection.  Then again, the architecture of the 400 Series does have differences to that of previous cameras, most notably in its compatibility with any Intel or ARM processor.  I definitely have the camera in a full USB 3.0 port that worked fine with previous RealSense cameras.  I will keep investigating.


              The release notes for SDK 2.0 advise that "many users are reporting the camera identifying as USB2 (device doesn't support depth streaming! error), most likely due to cables / dongles combinations."

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                Hmm yes interesting.

                For your issue, I've seen that the resolution ends up being identifying a power issue in the USB 3.0 port.


                The USB 3.0 part in my Dell precision 7510 allows both stereo module and RGB streaming for the Realsense Viewer App you mentioned.


                Still doesn't help my UP board issue though


                Thanks anywya!

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                  I had USB power trouble with my SR300 camera, and had to plug in my tablet and put it in charge mode in order for the camera to work.  I will try putting my tablet on charge and see if it changes the D415's status in the same way it did with my SR300.


                  Edit: confirmed: I attached my tablet and the camera now was listed as Intel RealSense 415, with RGB capability.


                  My apologies for suggesting that the 'USB2' status might be okay - I only received my camera last week, so I'm still testing it and learning about its intricacies. 



                  Full details of my method are here:


                  My personal fix for SR300 on Build 15063


                  A key difference between the SR300 and this camera is that the SR300 would cut out again as soon as charging reached 100%, whereas the D415 keeps operating even when the tablet is fully charged.