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    Mixed M.2 drives in a RAID 0?




      I have a NUC6i7KYK and have two Samsung NVME drives it in .  One is the 950 Pro and the other is the newer 960 Pro.  Both are 512GB capacity and currently setup as C: and D:


      I know the two each have different onboard controllers (UBX vs. Polaris) and that they also have different performance specs and that my array performance will most like be that of the lowest performer (the 950 Pro)..


      I'm curious if setting them up in a RAID 0 array would be a BAD idea?  Ideally I should use two identical drives, but that's not possible right now so I'm curious about this type of mixed array.


      Appreciate any feedback.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello brudertl,

          Thank you for contacting us regarding the questions that you have about Raid 0 with different drives models; it will be more than a pleasure to help you out with this.

          As we both know, RAID 0 is intended to boost or speed up the performance of your machine and provides no redundancy on the data that will be stored on the devices. Creating an array with 2 different drives but with the same capacity might not sound like a bad idea, and as matter of fact it is possible.
          However if we go deeper into the devices specs you will see that:

          950 Pro will work Up to 2,500MB/s sequential read and 1,500MB/s write
          960 Pro will work Up to 3,500MB/s sequential read and 2.100MB/s write

          The issue resides on the speed differences between both devices. If one disk is faster than the other, the speed is limited by the slower disk, so even if you double the performance of the slower disk by creating the array, the system failure rate will be effectively doubled as well, because the system will be more disposed to data corruption.
          Having no redundancy whatsoever, will not be recommended on a system that could fail at any moment, since all data could be destroyed (unless you have a copy or a back up of course)
          At the end of the day the decision will be yours, and even if it is possible, we do not recommend to create a RAID 0 array if you don’t have the exact same model of drives.
          Hope this helps                
          Best regards,
          Diego S.

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            Thanks... that's exactly the answer I was expecting.   Looks like my best bet is to re-purpose my 950 Pro and buy another stick of the 960 for the NUC!



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              Bit the bullet and ordered another 960 Pro.  Can't wait to setup the RAID 0 array!