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    Windows 10 Game-DVR on iGPU 630 Problem



      if i record with Windows 10 Game-DVR on my Intel HD Graphics 630, the Video look like Diashow.

      I dont know is that Intel or Microsoft Problem. I created some Videos with Game-DVR and iGPU 630.

      You can check this Videos. The video does not run smoothly. it is as it keeps jumping.

      I tested today with last iGPU Driver Version 4944. it is same like another Driver.

      I hope Intel can help.



      Here Game-DVR vs MSI Afterburner:

      Microsoft Windows 10 Game DVR vs MSI Afterburner - On Intel HD Graphics 630 - YouTube


      Destiny 2:

      Destiny 2 - On Intel HD Graphics 630 Test - YouTube


      Star Wars Battlefront II:

      Star Wars Battlefront 2 - On Intel HD Graphics 630 Test - YouTube


      My System,

      Asus Z170-Pro

      Intel i7-7700k

      16GB DDR4 3200MHz

      2x1TB HDD Intel Raid0

      Soundblaster Z

      NVIDIA GTX 1080 (but i disable it if i use my iGPU)

      Windows 10 professional x64