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    AC7260 SPP speed limitations in W7


      If anyone knows the solution to this I would appreciate it very much.

      I have installed an AC7260 Mini PCIe to my desktop ASUS P8Z77-V and i7

      I needed faster WiFi than the original and I also needed BT4 for development work I am doing.

      I also needed fast Classic BT for a telemetry app I am developing and the card specs indicated I would get what I wanted - SPP and 460800 baud.


      I do not get this. The driver installer for Intel Wireless Bluetooth (v20.20.0.2 26/10/2017) installs the MS Standard Serial Over Bluetooth Link for each VSP. The available options for speed range from 75 baud through 128,000 which is well short of my required 460800. I also get a simplified Advanced Options dialog.


      Connecting a "vanilla" FTDI adapter I get speed options from 300 baud through to 921,600 in addition to a much more sophisticated Advanced Options dialog, and it works.


      What am I missing here? Why can't the drivers match the capability of the FTDI driver? Have I mis-configured something?