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    Optane memory software


      I just set up a new system and installed a 16gb stick of optane memory. I installed the Optane Memory software and have everything working. The optane is working beautifully. I can see it in the task manager, device manager shows my boot disk+optane. Everything seems to be working.


      My issue is that the software itself no longer will initialize. I don't know if some of the updates broke the Optane memory interface or what happened. When I click on the software program win10 will ask if I want to allow the software to make changes to my system. I click yes, get the mouse pointer circle for a couple of seconds like it's fixing to pop open and then nothing. Just like I never clicked on it.


      Do I need to reinstall the software? Can it be done without screwing up the Optane module and having to reinstall win10 all over again?


      Thanks for any replies. I am satisfied the optane is working but if I need to uninstall it for any reason I think the software will be needed.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi w4rwf,

          I just did a quick test before suggesting you something that will create a bigger issue. I enabled the Intel® Optane™ memory in my system and then, I tried to uninstall the Intel® Optane® memory software but the same software stopped me from doing this, so I couldn’t uninstall it and apparently this is not a good idea either.

          On the other hand, I’m not sure why you are getting issues running the Intel® Optane™ memory software. Could you please take a screenshot of the programs you currently have installed in your system (Program and Features)? There is a chance that the Intel® Optane™ memory software gets in conflict with another software like the Intel® RST application. We can check this by taking a look at the programs currently installed in your system.

          I’ll be waiting for your response.

          Have a nice day.

          Diego V.