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    Multicamera Interference: D-Series vs ZR300? (Official response from Intel appreciated!)


      The following question has been asked in roundabout ways and answered vaguely on several occasions. I'm hoping to get a direct answer to the to the following question related to multi-camera interference with using non-orthogonal sensors:


      a) Will the D-series cameras have the same characteristic as the ZR300 series cameras regarding IR interference? Quoting P18 of the ZR300 Data Sheet:


      >> "4.3 Infrared Projector Interference In general, the ZR300 is not subject to infrared projector interference from multiple cameras in use simultaneously."


      * Noting that no such paragraph exists in the D400 series Data Sheet.


      b) To explicitly state a practical problem: At a focal distance of 6ft, if two D400 series cameras, spaced 3ft apart, were aimed such that their image centers were focused at the same point on a stationary reference object -- would the sensors interfere?


      As a simple diagram, where "O" is a reference object and "A" and "B" are D400 series cameras:



              /   \

             /     \

           A       B


      ^^ In the above diagram, do IR patterns from A & B interfere where they intersect on object O?


      Thank you ahead of time for specific detail.