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    External Device GPIO headers for D435


      In the Docs here: librealsense/external_devices.md at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


      Output trigger:

      In addition to the USB3 connector, RS400 cameras expose headers for interaction with external devices. The camera can provide trigger every time frame is being captured (with RS400 as the master).


      It states there is a header output trigger and timestamp from external sensors for RS400 and RS435.  Are these exposed on the D435 camera somehow?  Is there documentation to the pinout and header type somewhere? 

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          Pages 56 and 57 of the data sheet linked to below contain GPIO pin details (referred to as external sensor timestamp pins).


          Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D400 Series Datasheet | Intel® Software

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            Yes, but documentation is not really helpful for obtaining the trigger signal.

            We tried to read out pin 1 from the external sensors sync connector (GVSYNC0) while enabling the "Output Trigger" option in the RealSense viewer but we could only measure a very noisy signal containing shutter noise, and not a clear trigger signal (e.g. 5V TTL).


            - Can it be clarified how the trigger should be read out? This is a key feature of the hardware and must work reliably.


            Best regards

            Pavol & Kevin

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello PavolB, 

              Syncing requires an electrical signal, also known as a trigger, that goes to all cameras. When the cameras receive that trigger, they capture the frame.

              Sensors within a camera can be synced to each other with an internal trigger and whole cameras can be synced to each other with external trigger.

              The external sync capability of the RealSense D400 series cameras is still being developed and, therefore, documentation is limited. We will post an update as a blog on the front page of this community when it is officially supported.

              The feature has a target release date for Q2 2018

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              Juan N.