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    Intel SSD 540s Series - High NAND Writes



      I am new to the Intel forums, with that, hello all! Apologies if this has been addressed, to start with.


      I had recently taken ownership of support of a Synology RS3617RPxs NAS solution. The system is configured with two Intel SSD 540s Series 1 Tb drives. The drives are used as system cache.


      Recently, I had reviewed the health on the system, as an alarm was activated. I found that one of the disks had a wear counter of 1. I had pulled it to replace it and then run a utility to review the reads/writes.


      I found the total host writes at 38539GB and NAND writes at 1064316GB. It struck me as odd to have this much disparity between the two. I have spent the better part of an hour on the forums reading about other instances where the NAND writes were drastically out of proportion to host writes. My question would be, would this be a case for RMA?


      Thank you in advance...