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    Overclocking/Turbo Boosting


      I'm only 1 week in with my new NUC Skull Canyon, I am just testing it's capability in software I intend to use most frequently (Adobe photography products, LR, PS etc). Thus far I am pleasantly please, there is just one Plugin (Topaz Simplify 4) that seems to really suffer from brush stroke lag and thinking time. It's pretty curious because there other plugins work fine.


      Anyway, it made me think about 'Turbo boost' or overclocking, something I have never done before. I wouldn't know where to start, what software to use or anything. I'm guessing Turbo boost occurs when the KY needs it? ie it's automatic? or not? Do i need specific Intel programs to overclock or activate turbo mode? I'm just curious if overclocking for 10-15mins whilst in this particular editor/plugin will make a difference or not.