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    Lenovo X270 - Intel Graphics HD 620 ERROR - BSOD


      Hello intel_adminitpnadmin


      About a month ago, I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X270 laptop. It has a single HDMI port, and every time I plugged the cable, windows 10, I was throwing a blue screen error (BSOD).


      This happens using the latest version of the driver that intala Windows 10, the version is However, if I use the basic windows driver, I do not have the blue screen error. That is why I tried to update the driver but I was not successful. Then remove the driver and install the previous version on This latest version does not cause a screen error, but it does not allow me to correctly configure the resolution of my Ultrawide Monitor (LG29UM57). This resolution is 2560x1080.


      I tried installing several drivers and I have no luck. Could you help me? This topic is really making me very angry because I can not work. I attached some images with the result of what I said.



      Thanks in advance. PS:

      I am using the translator, I apologize for my mistakes.




      Hola intel_admin, itpnadmin



      Hace alrededor de un mes, compre una laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X270. La misma posee un solo puerto HDMI, y cada vez que enchufaba el cable, el windows 10, me tiraba un error de pantalla azul (BSOD).


      Esto sucede utilizando la ultima versión del driver que intala Windows 10, la versión es No obstante si utilizo el controlador básico de windows, no tengo el error de pantalla azul. Es por ello que intente actualizar el driver pero no tuve éxito. Entonces quite el driver e instalé la versión anterior la Esta ultima versión no me tira error de pantalla, pero no me permite configurar correctamente la resolución de mi Monitor Ultrawide (LG29UM57). Esta resolución es de 2560x1080.


      Probé instalar varios drivers y no tengo suerte. Me podrían ayudar? Realmente este tema me esta poniendo muy furioso debido a que no puedo trabajar.@ Les adjunto algunas imagenes con el resultado de lo que les comento.


      Gracias de antemano.

      PD: estoy utilizando el traductor, les pido disculpas por mis errores.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello leibnix,

          I understand that you are having problems when connecting the computer to a monitor as it shows an error message. 

          Regarding this, To better assist you with your request, I will need to check some information about your computer. Please follow these steps: 

          1. In the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R. 
          2. In the Run box please type dxdiag and hit Enter.
          3. Click on Save All Information (save it in your desktop). 
          4. Attach the report to this thread. 

          David V

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            Good afternoon David,

            Thank you very much for your answer. I still can not configure the resolution of my screen to 2560x1080.


            I enclose the report that you request.


            I await your instructions to find the solution.

            Thank you very much.


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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello leibnix,

              Thank you for your response,

              I was checking the system information and I was able to find your graphics driver. It seems to be the latest driver which is: 23.20.0016.4944. This indicates that the driver should not really be affecting the resolution.

              It is important to check the resolutions available under the "Graphics Properties". You can open this by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Graphics Properties". Check the different resolutions, try changing the refresh rate as well as this could help you find the appropriate resolution.

              David V

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                Hello david, intel_corpitpnadminbertCommunityAdmin

                Thanks for your contact. What you tell me I did a huge number of times. Please do not underestimate me.

                Already porbe different HDMI cables and all work well.
                I already test the screen in Linux with the same computer and it works perfect.
                I have already updated the Bios.
                I have already installed the last driver, to such an extent that the technical assistance intel tool, gives me as a result that everything is updated and working.
                However I send you the screenshot of what you request.

                As you can see in the screenshot, the video card is capable of taking the resolution of 2560x1080, but the Windows or the Intel driver, do not allow me to make the configuration.

                When I enter the Intel tool, and I want to add a new resolution, the Intel application tells me that the buffer exceeds the capacity of the bandwidth, and it does not allow me to configure my monitor.

                I do not understand why this is not resolved. Before having this computer, I had a Lenovo X240, the screen was adjusted alone and it worked perfectly with Windows 7, and an interesting fact is that it was the same screen.

                On the other hand I discard any malfunction, tando of the computer as the screen and cable, because on the same computer, I have installed Ubuntu 16.04, and it works perfect. The resolution is set to 2560x1080.

                I need the help of Intel so they can solve this problem.

                I await your response.
                Greetings. Fernando