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    Intel HD graphics 3000


      Hi everyone.

      I just bought a used laptop (HP Dv6(rest unspecified)) from a local electronics store. The problem with the laptop is that whenever I turn it on, horizontal lines appear on the screen and the screen looks super glitchy. The graphic driver installed is intel HD graphics 3000. Is that an issue with the graphic card itself(i.e with the hardware) or some issue related to the driver software?(PS: I downgraded to microsoft basic display adapter and the issue was completely resolved, But whenever I reinstall the Graphic driver again, the issue persists) Is there anyway I can resolve it?. The laptop works finely and is in lovely condition. They did provide the warranty but I do not want to return it. Is there any solution to this issue? Please let me know. Thanks.


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          Al Hill

          What operating system are you using?  If Windows 10, your graphics and processor are not supported.



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            Thank you for your kind response, sir. I reinstalled windows 7, but the issue still persists. If this might be a problem with the VGA Card, Can it be replaced?

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              Al Hill

              No.  The graphics are part of the processor.


              And, you do not know what the real issue is.  This is a used laptop.  Who knows what it has been through.


              Personally, I would return it.  Then, I would purchase something that is known to be good, and supported.


              As far as what you are seeing in the display, my first guess is a loose or poorly connected ribbon cable from the display to the motherboard.  Just a guess...