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    Suggestions for connecting to a microcontroller / single board computer?




      I would like to purchase the Intel RealSense D435 model and install it in a factory setting for monitoring. I want to hook it up to a microcontroller / SBC so I can ssh into it remotely, make pictures and download data.


      I have found that current Raspberry PI models don't have USB 3.0 which degrades performance:


      librealsense/RaspberryPi3.md at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


      Also Arduino seems to have problems too:


      Intel RealSense Camera and Arduino


      Can you suggest me a 'mini pc' on which I can install Ubuntu, has Wifi for downloading the images, USB 3.0 connector and is supported by the RealSense D435 camera?


      If you have a similar setup I would like to hear how difficult it was to get it to work!


      My budget is at around $180 tops.


      Thank you in advance,