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    Intel i7 8700 bsod random errors


      Hello guys after one month of using my brand new cpu suddenly i am getting blue screens with different code errors.I did reset my motherboard i add latest update of bios i try old versions of bios . I remove all my hhd and ssd i am getting again blue screens . Try to reinstall windows cant do this because getting blue screens .I try other ram and motherboard and psu but error still here . I cant even start my PC , only that i can do is to get in bios menu . In bios i have default factory settings . I try everything out but cant fix the blue screen.

      My PC specs : Intel i7 8700

      Motherboard:Aorus 370 ultra gaming

      Ram: G Skill Tridenz 3200hz DDR4

      OS : Windows 10 x64 Pro