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    Node-Red USB-sensor




      I'm trying to capture sensor data from an USB-sensor.


      My first idea was to do this with Node-Red.

      Now I got conformation that the sensor is or not connected. But I didn't get any data out of it. I tried to do the same as in this project what is very similar to mine. But the debug output shows "Error: Error: Invalid argument, calling write" Probably because my sensor is acting else than the sensor used in the example project.


      That's why I start sniffing on the sensor data (connected to an Windows desktop for the test), and I god following packet captured:



      Still not enough useful to me to determinate how I can work with the serial input from Node-Red, but maybe this information helps someone over here?


      My second idea is to work with a python script. So I installed pyusb with an pip install. According to this Github manual, I tested the example script and end with an error "usb.core.NoBackendError: No backend available"