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    Realsense D400-series and Windows Hello


      I haven't been able to get Windows Hello working with the D415.  Is this device not supported, or do I not having something configured properly?  The control panel area simply says "Windows Hello is not available on this device."  Drivers are installed, the RealSense viewer works properly, and I can view RGB via the Windows Camera UWP app.


      Thank you,

      Josh usovsky

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          I have thoroughly investigated your case with my own D415 and I was not able to access Windows Hello setup either, being told that the camera cannot be started.  It functions fine in the RealSense Viewer tool and other SDK tools though.


          The Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) driver for 400 Series cameras was recently removed temporarily by Intel.  I wonder if this may be a cause of the camera being unable to talk to Windows Hello.  You are the first person I have heard from who has tried to use Windows Hello with the new cameras since their release.


          Hopefully Intel will provide an official response on this message about whether the D415 is compatible with Windows Hello.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Skwerl and Marty, 

            The link to get the UWP driver is the following: 


            Feel free to download and use it. 

            I have checked with engineering and they have confirmed that support for Windows Hello with the new D400 family will never be developed. This is the reason why Skwerl is not able to configure it. 

            Thanks for your understanding. 

            Best Regards, 
            Juan N. 

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              Thanks very much for the driver link Juan, I've made a note of it in case anyone asks for it. 

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                Never be developed?  That's a shame, as that was the reason why I ordered the camera.  I know a lot of folks who ordered the earlier Realsense dev kits for this reason, so I assumed that newer versions would also support it.  I'm disappointed.  I would have ordered the older version had I known that.


                Thank you,

                Josh Usovsky