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    Windows 10 Reinstallation on Samsung NVMeSSD 960 EVO



      my problem is that i can't reinstall Windows 10 on the Samsung NVMeSSD 960 EVO.

      When I insert an USB-Stick and start the Windows 10 installation, the SSD insn't even displayed to install Windows on it.

      There is no hard drive shown. I have used Google for several hours and just found out, that I have to change settings in the Visual Bios.

      But which ones?

      I found out that I have to deactivate CSM, activate Secure Boot, delete all keys in Key Management (or something like that).

      But where are those settings? I guess this is a small problem for some people, but i really can't help myself.

      I use a brand new NUC7I7BNH with Visual Bios 2.2.23. Windows 10 is installed with all drivers and updates, but i want a new clean install.

      Many thanks in advance.


      Same in german, my native language:


      mein Problem ist, dass ich Windows 10 nicht neu auf die Samsung NVMeSSD 960 EVO installieren kann.

      Wenn ich einen USB-Stick einstecke und von diesem die Windows 10 Installation starte, wird mir die SSD nicht als verfügbares Laufwerk angezeigt,

      so dass ich diese nicht zur Windowsinstallation anwählen kann.

      Ich habe durch Google bereits herausgefunden, dass dies kein defekt ist, sondern dass ich irgendwelche Einstellungen im Visual Bios ändern muss.

      (CSM deaktivieren, Secure Boot aktivieren, im Key Management alle Keys löschen, oder so ähnlich?) Wo finde ich diese Optionen?

      Ich gehe davon aus, dass dies ein kleines Problem für erfahrene Benutzer ist, aber ich kann mir nicht weiterhelfen.

      Ich habe übrigens einen nagelneuen NUC7I7BNH mit Visual Bios 2.2.23. Windows 10 inkl. aller Updates und Treiber ist installiert, ich will eine neue saubere Installation.

      Vielen Dank schonmal.

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          Do not activate Secure Boot. The best setting before Windows installation is to set BIOS to default settings:

          1. Enter BIOS by pressing F2.

          2. Press F9 followed by "Y" to set BIOS defaults.

          3. Verify in Advanced -> Devices->PCI that M.2 Slot option is checked.

          4. Press F10 followed by "Y" to save the setting and exit.

          5. Reboot and enter again to BIOS by pressing on F2. Verify that in Advanced -> Devices->PCI your NVMe drove is now detected. If the drive is still not detected, disconnect the power adapter and try to reinstall your drive again in its slot, fastening the holding screw afterwards.


          See the following tutorial to Windows 10 clean installation: Windows 10 Forums



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            Thank you, this was such an easy step, but very helpful.

            After setting Bios to default, there was a message asking me if I want something from Raid to Ahci, I confirmed and get again into Bios menu.

            Before setting Bios to Default, there was this Info: "M.2 Slot: Not Populated" Afterwards it said: "M.2 Slot: Samsung Evo .."

            I restarted the Windows 10 Setup and there were 5 partitions (I hope it's the right english word). But I can handle this one on my own, so now I have one partition with my clean setup.

            Thank you very much.