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    Thunderbolt 3 controller does not work correctly with (digital) usb-c headphones


      For some reason the thunderbolt 3 usb-c port in my HP Elite X2 G1 Convertable does not work with my new digital usb-c headphones (Xiaomi Piston ANC). When I plug in the headphones to the thunderbolt 3 usb-c port only "Intel(R) USB 3.1 extensible-Hostcontroller-1.10 (Microsoft) shows up in device manager but apart from that nothing happens, no sound no volume control.

      I have done some testing to find the problem and found the following:

      -The headset works without any problems with all my other (non thunderbolt) usb-c devices (windows and android).

      -I got the headset to work in the thunderbolt port with a combination of 2 adapters: I had to plug a usb-c-to-female-usb-a-adapter into the thunderbolt 3 port and into this another usb-a-to-female-usb-c-adapter and into this the headphones. Going from usb-c to usb-a and back to usb-c with all those adapters is hardly an accepatable solution as in makes the headphoes extremely bulky.

      -Updating drivers and thunderbolt controller firmware to latest version changed nothing.


      Anyone has an idea where the problem is? Maybe the usb-c headset is not recognised correctly based on the resistor values in its usb-c plug (therefore working when having usb-c-to-usb-a and usb-a-to-usb-c adapters inbetween)? But why does it then work with  all the other usb-c controllers? I hope this is not a hardware issue in the thunderbolt 3 controller.


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Thunderbolt3,
          Thank you for contacting us, I was reading your thread and I know that you are having a thunderbolt issue, I will be more than glad to assist you.
          I have read this thread and I have noticed this issue seems to be related to the thunderbolt drivers provided by HP. Please bear in mind the thunderbolt drivers available on our Intel web site were developed for Intel® NUC only. My suggestion would be contacting HP and check for future drivers or check if they have any information about this matter.
          Ciany C.