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    Why I cant find Core Voltage Offsets settings in XTU ?


      Hi, I want to reduce my CPU voltage, but when I opens newest XTU I still cant see anywhere the Core Voltage Offset settings. Why so? How I can reduse CPU voltage in different way ?


      My specs in screenshot

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello YOLOXDDD

          Thank you for contacting Intel® Communities Support.

          Remember that only 'X' and 'K' Series processor are open to modify the values. 

          Since you have a mobile processor you cannot change those values in the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU), I suggest you to contact your laptop manufacturer so they can tell you if you can do it in the BIOS.

          The reason why it’s because there could be certain limitations such as electrical changes or hardware and Software restrictions.

          Two mobile processors could look very similar talking about Specifications but this can be limited by the Computer manufacturer.

          Stephen C.