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    how to enable s2600wft network on ubuntu16.04?


      I'm installed ubuntu16.04 desktop on this server. But network doesn't work, a "cable unplugged" always show in network setting.

      I'm wondering is it a driver issue so I downloaded a driver from here: Download Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack .

      And then I installed "PROXGB\LINUX\ixgbe-5.3.5.tar\ixgbe-5.3.5" from it since I thought s2600wft uses x557-at2 Ethernet module

      from this guide: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/server-products/server-boards/S2600WF_TPS.pdf .

      After that, the network status is shown as connected. But I still can't successfully ping addresses in the same subnet. And the very

      strange thing is that I can see local ip in "ifconfig" when the cable is unplugged. Also, during every steps in my try, the rj45 light

      doesn't blink. Had somebody encountered these problems for s2600wft?intel_adminCommunityAdminitpnadmin@