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    Decoding System event log Correctable ECC logging




      There is a system event generated in my server which uses Intel® Server Board based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600.

      Event information is as given below:

      EvM Revision          :  04

      Sensor Type            :  Memory

      Event Type              :  Sensor-specific Discrete

      Event Direction        :  Assertion Event

      Event Data              :  a5ff07

      Description              :  Correctable ECC logging limit reached


      I have gone through the document given here:

      System Event Log Troubleshooting Guides for Intel® Server Boards

      As per the "Correctable and uncorrectable ECC error sensor typical characteristics table" given in the above document, Event Data 3 would decode as

      Event Data 3                         [7:5] – Socket ID 0-3 = CPU1-4

                                                    [4:3] –Channel 0-3 = Channel A, B, C, D for CPU1 Channel E, F, G, H for CPU2 Channel J, K, L, M for CPU3 Channel N, P, R, T for CPU4

                                                    [2:0] DIMM 0-2 = DIMM 1-3 on Channel


      In my case, Event Data 3 is 07 which would be 0000 0111 in binary. Could you please help me to understand the DIMM location based on the above data.


      Thank You.