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    position drift with SLAM



      I recently got a ZR300 Realsense camera, I downloaded the Linux SDK and tried out some examples but I'm having some issues with the SLAM module. In particular, as shown in the attached picture, the computed map presents some big error every time I make a rotation over Z axis. As shown in the attached picture from a recent SLAM session the A and B part should be aligned and the C segment should not exist, because it's the same place as A. I tried to limit fast rotation and vibration, as suggested here  Release Notes for Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux: Release Notes for Intel® RealSense™ SLAM Library  but with little improvement. Is it possible that the camera IMU has some issues or it's miscalibrated? Are there some other techniques to improve SLAM results and get a better map?


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          Hello Simone, 

          Thanks for posting in the Intel RealSense community. 

          I have been investigating your issue, what hardware are you using on your implementation? 

          The ZR300 has only been tested and validated on the Intel Joule 570x and the Aaeon UP board, if the ZR300 camera is been used with other hardware this can cause the board to have unexpected behaviors and even don’t work at all.

          In the following link you will find information on how to check the calibration and calibrate your sensor. 


          Hope this information helps, if you have any additional question let me know. 

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