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    CPU speed acting Strange, and causing pc to run slow.


      A little while ago, my laptop started doing this thing, where, when im doing something, all of a sudden it would slow down, and then speed back up a few seconds later. I looked around a little and found out it was my CPU speed going up and down. I've tried cleaning it, reinstalling windows, and overall making performance enhancing changes. But nothing seems to work, and it's really hard to get something done, when it happens every 2 seconds.


      What exactly is happening >> https://gyazo.com/d21dc422074829071bc9e342f8fca488


      Edit: I ran the processor diagnostics thing, and Everything passed up to Floating Point, once it started testing "Math" the output box in the bottom left said "Temperature Monitor Stopped" "Temperature Monitor Failed" and then in big letters "FAIL"


      The config file is now attached as well