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    Nuc 7i7 - Linux - Screen periodically goes blank, won't wake from sleep




      I have a Nuc 7i7 - 16Gb Kingston RAM, 256 Sata SSD. Video is over HDMI at 1900x1200 res.


      I have installed Debian 9/Fedora 27/Arch linux, all exhibit the same problem - the screen periodically goes blank for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes this occurs in quick succession. Sometimes the machine goes several hours without going blank. The unpredictability adds to how insanely aggravating the problem is. The machine also never wakes from sleep. This occurs on the three linux distros that have been mentioned. I updated to BIOS version 0060 and this did nothing.


      I'm aware this seems to be a widespread issue - but most advice seems to be a mexican hat dance of Intel driver versions, support utilities and windows settings. I don't have Windows so this isn't an option for me. I have a new monitor and HDMI 2.0 cable coming on Monday so I will report back if there's any change.


      Has anyone with Linux and this problem managed to fix it? Otherwise this machine is going back to PCCaseGear...