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    Asus Laptop / Integrated Intel GPU problem



      I am using an Asus laptop (N551VW) that was working very well until recently.

      It happened to crash seriously. The Windows recovery Tools didn't work, so I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch.

      I have one massive problem and can't find the solution. Everything works normally except the integrated GPU, Intel HD Graphics 530.

      Indeed I can install every driver normally, but if I try to install the intel GPU's then my screen turns black, and the only way to use my computer again is to uninstall the intel GPU from Safe Mode.

      The same problem happens if I don't block Windows update, as it is trying to update the drivers of intel GPU.

      The other GPU, a NVIDIA 960m, is working without problem, with latest drivers intalled.

      I tried a lot of things (reinstalling everything in different orders, formatting entirely my SSD,...), but nothing change the problem.

      I am wondering if it means that my integrated intel GPU is dead or not.

      Using GPU-Z, the intel GPU appears as Default Microsoft GPU (name is Skylake GT2, but no information in Bus Interface).



      I could use my computer normally without the intel card, but that brings two problems :

      1- I can't update Windows, otherwise it's upgrading the drivers and therefore crashes.

      2- I can't control the screen of my laptop anymore, so I can't adjust the brightness or filter blue light.


      After trying a new Intel driver that I installed in safe mode, I have a new type of error.

      When my computer starts, it gets to a black screen, then off, then black screen, and so on, like searching for the monitor. Then gets to a blue screen error :


      with the failed element : igdkmd64.sys


      Does anyone has an idea, or a solution?

      Is the GPU dead? Is it a conflict between the two GPUs ?



      Thank you for your help and insights.