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    N440BX - four long beeps during POST - what could it be??


      Hello everyone.


      I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but since there is no "Server Boards" section...



      I got myself an old N440BX motherboard with two Celerons and one 128 MB SDRAM memory module plugged in first DIMM slot. It is powered by a Fortron PSU (400W). I put all this into ATX chassis. Right now I didn't put hard drive, floppy or cdrom in, but it should boot without them. However when I turn on the power switch on the PSU, motherboard starts up, I can see that the fans on the CPUs starts turning, and after about 2-3 seconds, I can hear this:



      beep-(0.5 second delay)-beep-(0.5 second delay)-beep-(0.5 second delay)-beep



      or in other words - four long beeps, and nothing else happens after that - just black screen. This error is not covered in the user guide located here:






      Does anyone knows what this error mean, and how to fix it?



      Thanks in advance.





      Sorry for my English - it is not my native language.