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    How to send commands to ME using Aardvark?


          As we know, in Purley platform server, if I use Aardvark which is connected to PSU-BMC I2C bus to send PMBus commands to Power Supply, if will cause server system CPU throttle. Because for PSU, there are two masters, one is Aardvark, and the other is ME. This is not convenience when system debug. How could I send commands to ME via Aardvark and then ME forward to PSU? Which I2C bus should my Aardvark connect, is it IPMB bus(SMlink0) bus between BMC and ME?  if Yes, what's the command format? For example, I want to read PMbus command code status word 79h of PSU, how could I send command to ME via Aardvark?


      Thanks so much.

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          Hello Eager,

          In order to better assist you with your question, please help us providing some additional information:

          Can you please provide us the model of your server board?

          Chassis model:

          Finally, please provide us more information about your system configuration ( memory, power supply, etc)

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