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    DH55TC CPU fan incompatibility issue


      This fan:


      doesn't work properly when connected to the CPU fan header, it goes on full speed for about 10 seconds, then it stays off for another 10 seconds, and so on.

      The same fan works properly and stable at about 350 RPM when connected to the rear fan header though.

      The equivalent 80mm model:


      doesn't seem to be affected by the problem.

      The stock Intel cooler and a 120 PWM Scythe fan work properly too.

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          The 120mm fan is not a cpu fan.

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            The product homepage explicitly states it can be used as "replacement of CPU cooler PWM fan."

            Besides, what difference shall it make, it is a PWM fan, just like the Intel stock one.


            The electrical specifications seem to be in range, the motherboard technical specification states:




            Table 28. Fan Header Current Capability

            Fan Header           Maximum Available Current


            Processor fan     2.0 A

            Front chassis fan 1.5 A

            Rear chassis fan  1.5 A

            The Intel stock cooler is marked as 0.17A
            The 120mm fan affected by the problem is marked as 0.12A
            The other 80mm CoolerMaster NOT affected by the problem is also 0.12A
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              I see your point. If the fan is use as a cpu fan together with the cooler master heatsink it behave as described in your thread. However, if used as a case fan, in your test - rear fan, it function properly.


              Is this right?


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