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    Intel NUC Multiple Display Flickering/Lagging


      Hi guys,


      We are small Brisbane based IT company and have recently started selling the 7th Gen i3, i5 and i7 NUCS.

      In the last week, we have had 2 clients report identical symptoms. The second monitor which is plugged into the USB-C port via a VGA to USB C adaptor (see here for more info (Volans VL-UCVG Aluminium USB Type C to VGA Convert ) starts flickering and intermittently goes black. These symptoms only occur when accessing Outlook, Excel and Word (at this stage).


      I have updated the BIOS, Drivers and reinstalled Office on both machines and replaced the adaptors with the same one and the issues are still present. The issues seem to only appear when the second monitor is plugged in, so not a problem with Office.


      Any idea what's going on here?