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    DE3815TYBE with external GPU?


      I am experimenting with a DE3815TYBE mainboard and trying to use an MSI RX 570 GPU with it. I have 2GB of DDR installed and a 500GB SATA drive connected. I have put the latest BIOS 62 on there.


      I have a mini PCe -> PCIe 1x adapter, connected to a 16x riser card to plug the GPU in. When I connect it all up, the system will not boot and I get 2 or 3 flashes on the amber LED.


      All adapters and risers were tested separately with a PCIe 1x network card. The system boots fine with the network card and is visible when doing 'lspci' from Ubuntu.


      Seems like a BIOS thing....how can I debug this?