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    D945GSEJT boot from internal eUSB not external USB


      My goal is to boot the system from the internal eUSB drive first, and not from an external USB thumbdrive (preferably never).  It appears as if I can prioritize the eUSB drive over external drives in the BIOS with both plugged in, but if I power cycle the system with the external drive disconnected and later plug it back in, the prioritization gets reset, and the external drive wins.  If the external USB drive is not bootable, it doesn't fall back to the eUSB drive, it just gives up.   Setting "Boot USB Devices First" to "Disable" doesn't seem to help.


      In the end, I'm hoping for a solution that can be implemented on a medium-volume production basis (perhaps using the itoolkit?).


      Any suggestions?


      System is a D945GSEJT running JT94510H.86A BIOS.