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    Dell Precision 3620 missing drive in RAID 1 but the drive shows up in Windows Explorer


      I had to recently reset a Windows 10 Pro machine due to the machine not being able to boot properly. After the reset, I noticed that I had 2 local disks showing up in my Explorer window that are the same size. Then I noticed an error in the IRST application in the system tray. It is only showing 1 available disk and the other slot for the RAID 0 array shows 0 GB of space available and a status of "Port Unknown: Missing". Details: Fix any problems reported on the array disks, rebuild the volume to a new disk. Array 0: Degraded.


      Is there a way I can get IRST to recognize the available disk again. The disk is functioning and readable with no errors reported from diagnostics.


      I have attached a screenshot of the IRST application and the Windows Explorer that displays both drives.


      Thanks in advance!