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    External Display Not Detected - ASUS UX330UA - Windows 10 64bit



      My laptop is unable to detect my external display.

      Notebook Model: ASUS UX330UA - Windows 10 64bit

      Graphics Driver: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620  

      Driver version:

      Driver Date: 11/11/2016


      The problem is not the cable or the display, as I have successfully connected the external display to another laptop.

      The external display worked fine until approx. 1 month ago.


      Do you have any suggestions?

      I did try to uninstall the existing driver software and install a generic version, however after uninstalling and restarting my laptop, the old graphics driver seems to have automatically reinstalled. So if the suggestion is to install a different driver, I will need to know how I can stop this driver from automatically reinstalling when I restart the computer.


      If any additional information is needed to solve the problem please let me know.


      Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.


      Best Regards,

      Alex Morgan