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    Intel Content Protection HECI service conflicting with Netflix


      I've been having difficulty with the Microsoft Store's standalone Netflix app for a couple months now, When I launch the app, it hangs at the Netflix logo screen every time. I contacted Netflix and they say they are aware of the problem (which apparently is endemic to certain hardware configurations) and that there's nothing I can do but watch Netflix in a web browser until the issue is resolved. Netflix has been updated several times since that conversation, but the problem still persists. I have since successfully isolated the source of the conflict. If I disable Intel's Content Protection HECI service and reboot, Netflix launches without incident. Re-enabling Content Protection HECI results in the Netflix app reverting back to hanging at launch. I don't know if it's the Netflix app or the Intel driver that's to blame, but I figured I'd give the powers-that-be on both sides a heads up so someone can work out this ***** in the armor (so to speak).

      Possibly relevant details about my laptop's configuration:

      Windows 10 home ver. 1709 OS Build 16299.214
      Intel HD Graphics 630 driver ver. plus a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti driver ver.

      Intel i7 7700HQ

      Netflix app (Microsoft store) ver.

      16GB RAM
      256GB NVMe SSD plus a 2TB HDD (Windows is configured to install apps and save files to the 2TB drive. The OS is installed on the SSD).